1891 – The commerical introduction of the Ouija board!


The commercial introduction of the Ouija board took place in the year 1891 through the efforts of businessman Elijah Bond, who introduced the Ouija board as a game of entertainment. Earlier that year Ouija board advertisements had started appearing in papers, featured with titles such as: “Ouija, the Wonderful Talking Board”, which was used to boom a Pittsburgh toy and novelty shop!

The Ouija board was described in the advertisements as e.g.: a magical device that answered questions “about the past, present and future with marvelous accuracy”, and promised to present “never-failing amusement and recreation for all the classes” plus a link “between the known and unknown, the material and immaterial.”

The full 1891 advertisement is displayed in the picture above (left column); various examples of today’s versions of the games are displayed below.

Source: The Pitssburg dispatch


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