Talking boards: play the Ouija board online!


Despite that the so-called ‘talking boards’ have been recognized as a category of psychic entertainment, some people do believe that any Ouija game may allow a spirit or ghost to get involved!

There are many opportunities to play the Ouija board online, these are a few games that present some variants:

Online Ouija Board at Occult Games
Ouija Board at Brainjar
Web Ouija at Museum of Talking Boards
Spirit Board (Ouija) Game at Psychic Science
Ouija Board at Gaming Wonderland

Be aware: skeptics firmly believe that those using the board either consciously or unconsciously move the pointer to what is selected. In order to prove this assumption, you can simply try it blindfolded some time. Make sure you have an unbiased bystander take notes on what words or letters are selected – usually, the results will be unintelligible!

Read more at: How to play the Ouija board online!


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